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Rock-Climbing in India
Rock ClimbingYou can't define Rock-Climbing easily; every rock climber, in fact, has his own versions. Sometimes it means to challenge your spirits and explore new heights, to give a fillip to your unlimited imaginations; it's a way of telling for some others to tell the world that he/she has finally arrived. For professional rock climbers, it's not a sport. If mission to moon is not a sport or pastime, then how can you keep rock climbing in this category ? Rock Climbing is an adventure of the greatest magnitude for avid Rock-Climbers. It's a fight against self and against the elements. Rock climbing tests your strength, coordination, skill, technique and concentration. If you are a climber, you would never take mountains for granted. It is obviously rough and antagonistic for those who venture to come to grips with it. Even then, as a sport, climbing keeps offering a thrill and challenge, which is sort of compulsive. Rock climbing, like other adventure sports, is a relatively new sport in this country. However, it has become the most popular adventure sport very shortly. As the great climbing rocks are spread throughout the country and a lot of excitement involved, rock climbing has become the sport to participate in for all. Some of the most preferred rock-climbing destinations in India are mentioned here.
Rock Climbing in North India
Manali Rock Climbing Some of the best and toughest challenges are before us in rock climbing both for amateurs and professionals. Mighty Himalayan rocks have always been inspiration for numerous professional climbers. Numerous options of rock-climbing are available in and around New Delhi. Lado Sarai.(New Delhi), Dhauj (55 km) and Dam Dama Lake (65 km) are some of the best-known rock-climbing destinations here. Manali, Dharamshala and the adjoining region in Himachal Pradesh provide some of the toughest and most exciting rock climbing options. Professional climbers from all over the world visit the region. Some other options here include artificial climbing walls in Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, Bangalore, Darjeeling, Manali, Uttarkashi, Bikaner, and at Mathura Road near Badarpur border (Haryana).

Rock Climbing in South India
Badami, a five-hour drive from Bangalore, is an excellent destination for rock-climbers. Bangalore also serves as a base for a number of rock-climbing spots including Ramanagaram (the setting for the Hindi blockbuster Sholay), Savandurga, Raogodhu, Thuralli and Kabbal. Kambakkam, 100 km from Chennai, provides excellent climbing options. Hampi in Karnataka has some of the best granite rocks in India and provides the climbers ample opportunities to test their skills.
Rock Climbing in Eastern India
There are myriad of good rock-climbing spots in a 300 km radius adjoining Calcutta including Purulia, Matha Bura, Jai Chandi and Susunia Hills. The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is also providing some courses in Mountaineering at Tenzing, Gobu and Norgay Rocks.

Rock Climbing in West India
Many rock-climbing locations are located near Mumbai including Kanheri Caves in Borivili National Park, Mumbra Boulders and Manori Rocks. Gujarat also has some rock-climbing spots, Pavagadh for example. The colourful state of Rajasthan also houses many rock-climbing destinations including the region around Mount Abu like Golden Horn Spire, State Mountaineering Institute's training area and Adhar Devi Slabs.

Tips For Rock Climbing
»Take along this rock climbing gear, before you nest climbing trip: chalk bag, shoes, harness, ropes, rope care, cord latte, webbing, carbiners and belay devices.
» Try out a number of shoes before buying the best fitting shoe for your climbing requirement.
» Go for high top shoes with mid sole, if you are a beginner in climbing.
» Never take used ropes, harness or slings just to save the money.
» If you buy cams, stoppers and biners, these items can last a lifetime.
» It's better not to take up a used climbing gear if you haven't bought new one yourself.
» Keep a map with you to guide you about the routes you are planning to take.
» Never forget that any rope can break when loaded over a sharp edge. So use the new rope to minimize the risk.

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