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River Rafting in India
River Rafting IndiaA popular adventure sport - water rafting - means cruising down the gushing waters of river in an inflatable rubber raft or white water kayak over roaring waves and swirling fast-moving water. This unforgettable and exciting experience is a major attraction for the tourists visiting India. With a long list of perennial rivers, this country has earned a reputation of excellent river rafting destination. The rushing waters from the glaciers of mammoth Himalayas provide matchless thrill for rafting and admiring the spectacular landscape. Rivers wander through extremely beautiful and almost unexplored tropical wilderness. An unforgettable experience awaits you whether you are an expert or amateur, nature lover or thrill seeker, rafting enthusiast or active kayaker. You can hear the deafening roar and view the white foam, walls, holes and waves, but can you imagine the raw power of the river ? The excitement builds up as you and your teammates climb aboard in calm water. The travelers can feel the anticipation of river flowing under your boat. The country has a multitude of rivers and abundance of river rafting locations. Some of the most preferred destinations are mentioned below.
Rafting in Himachal Pradesh
River Rafting in Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh is rated a major river rafting destination by adventure lovers. Trekking, skiing, gliding and rafting are some of the most popular adventure sports in India. Rafting is also known as the white water rafting which can be enjoyed in this state. The presence of a number of snow fed rivers in the state rushing down the Himalayan ranges and making their way through various regions are the highlights of Himachal Pradesh. Bumping, swirling and rolling, these rivers present wonderful stretch of water for rafting enthusiasts. The rivers of upper Himalayas are considered the best in the entire world to enjoy rafting.

River Rafting in Uttaranchal
The adventure sport of river rafting is an adventure sport thrilling and chilling you simultaneously. It really puts a challenge to tame a wild river. Uttaranchal offers the broadest possible options for river rafting on the globe, from wilder river courses to milder ones. The state of Uttaranchal has in abundance rivers and terrains to suit all levels of river rafting. To flow with the river and control yourself at the same time is not easy. the true thrilling experience. When you leave for river rafting, you start following the river course right as soon as it emerges from the glacier up to the plains. Deep gorges, rocky course, boulders and moraines, all are in the your way.
River Rafting in Jammu & Kashmir
River Rafting in Jammu & KashmirYou have numberless things in Jammu and Kashmir to indulge in but nothing is more challenging than rafting in white waters of numerous rivers cutting through the state. Two most famous rivers to go for this extreme sport is River Indus and Zanskar River. Even River Lidder has few stretches good enough to keep you enthralled. These rivers run trough some of the most mesmerizing landscapes, which give you the opportunity to explore those wonders of nature, which are unreachable otherwise. There are few stretches big enough to take days to complete. You will stay in camps set up under the snow-capped mountains and hilltop monasteries during the expedition. Rafting options in Ladakh region, especially in Zanskar, are even more adventurous, if compared with rafting options in Jammu and Kashmir region. Numerous private agencies are offering these rafting trips. Rafting is somehow different from other adventure sports, because you don't need trail runs. All you need is just a few precaution tips and safety presentation. Here only the real thing prepares you for the real thing.
Tips for River Rafting
» Physical and mental fitness is required to try a hand at this adventure sport. All of those who are suffering from cardiac or mental ailments, the expectant mothers and children below the age of 14 should not indulge in rafting.
» Carry dry bags or boxes to secure your small personal items and an extra layer of clothing.
» Make sure to take any necessary prescription medications such as inhalers, bee-sting kits, insulin etc.
» Avoid taking your car keys, wallets, cell phones etc. with you for the rafting trip.
» Keep sunscreen, sunglasses with a strap to secure them and a disposable waterproof camera with you.
» Proper rafting gear on most rivers during the summers is a simple swimsuit, nylon shorts, tennis shoes or sandals and a hat.
» Spring and autumn rafting trips require additional clothing. Ensure to dress in layers in any case so that you can easily add or remove articles, as you need.
» Cotton clothing should be avoided while rafting, except in summers as cotton takes away the warmth from your body.
» Wool, polyester fleece and other synthetic materials keep us warmer and dry faster. Wet suits are also available on rent.

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