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Water Sports in India
About Water Sports
This country offers numerous options for adventure sports lovers. Barring those who don't fear water, everybody would love to enjoy exciting watery packages, including white water rafting, water skiing, scuba diving, angling and fishing, snorkelling, and canoeing and kayaking. You have countless options to enjoy water sports in India. Almost every nook and corner of the country has bountiful of locations of water sports. These include island destinations of Andaman & Nicobar in Bay of Bengal and Lakshwadeep in Arabian Sea. One of the best choices on mainland include water adventures is Goa. Even amateurs also can get professional help to try water sports. Thrill seekers can also try out Ganges and its tributaries in north for river rafting. White Water Rafting is include among the extreme and never-ending thrills in untamed rivers. Rivers in upper Himalayas are rated among the best in the world for river sports, with many staircase rapids challenging the body and spirit of river runner. Some of the favourite water sports in India are being mentioned here.

Kettuvallam Major Water Sports in India
Backwater Cruise
Backwater means a network of water bodies consisting of a unique web of rivers, lakes, bays, lagoons and canals. These backwater cruises extend into villages and towns of the region. Backwaters have emerged as a central theme of Kerala's tourism synopsis. They make an absolute cruiser through twisting and meandering water streams. You get a chance to pass through the narrow canals crossing exquisite villages of Kerala, embellished with lush green paddy fields and tall coconut grooves. Houseboats in Kerala backwaters are called as 'kettuvallam'. These houseboats play an important role in realizing numerous backwater tourism possibilities. Houseboat cruiser has become very popular in the backwaters of Kerala offering a lifetime opportunity to explore the picturesque splendor of Kerala.

Boat Sailing
Enjoy experiencing the majestic panorama of sailing a huge ship through the blue waters of Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. You just sojourn to a new world of fantasy surrounded by water everywhere. All of those who seek for the real taste of pristine blue waters, huge ships and houseboat sailing may come and luxuriate in a travel adventure tour giving an opportunity to explore the new marine world. An ideal boat sailing includes playing with winds, crossing seas and get to know nature in a better way. Boating and sailing as an adventure has huge scope on seas of Indian sub continental. If you have a fantasy of sailing on translucent waters and encircling isolated islands, you may leave for any of the exotic locations offering water sports in India.

Para Sailing Para Sailing
Just assume yourself 100 feet or more above blue ocean. The moment the boat stops, you can gradually flow downwards. The moment you are going to submerge in the water, the boat takes off and you go flying back into the air. One among the aerie sports, Para Sailing is gaining great popularity among adventure sport lovers of this country and beyond. Para Sailing enthralls all the thrill-seekers and transform them into a human kite swinging hundreds of feet above the emerald green waters of ocean. Tourists can avail training programs in Para Sailing in Doon valley. You also can enjoy it in Billing in Himachal, or on the slopes of Solang valley near Manali, Nilgiri hills in South India, eastern Himalayas in Darjeeling/Gangtok area, Auli in Uttranchal, and Sansar in Jammu & Kashmir.

Tips For Water Sports
» If motion sickness or an abnormal fear of being in narrow or enclosed spaces overpowers you, retrace a dryer destination in Sailing and Yachting. Always try to be in an uniform course of movement and live in lodges that are firm.
» Too much swimming should be avoided even by experienced divers Scuba Diving to conserve air.
» It's always best to be comfortable in the water and in adequately good build.
» Any of the certification courses like PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) or NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) can be chosen to undertake Scuba Diving.
» Count your strokes while rafting and always be active when things turns rough. As rafters don't have the chance to correct themselves, they should be prepared to swim with restrictions like life jacket.
» All of those who want to hire a bare-boat for your own driving, first of all they should learn to sail in home waters. A course in bare-boat cruising offered by most of sailing schools run can be undertaken.

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