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Jeep Safari India
About Jeep Safari
Jeep SafariCrowd follows a beaten trek, but Jeep Safari fits the rare ones who crave to explore the land on their own. Jeep Safari trips in India pass through still unexplored passes and mountain valleys and rugged landscapes that are too tough to venture through easily because of their extreme climatic conditions. All these areas really attract the adventurers to drive through in jungle safari tour. All of those who are interested in exploring the nature naturally, even the lush green forested regions make a good choice. You will be enthralled with surprises and exciting sights that nature has in stored for you. If you are lucky, you also may feel the thrill of facing a tiger, when the jeep enters deep inside the national park. Jungle Safari in India is, in fact, a new trend but it has emerged as a major adventure activity in India. It predominantly includes riding through rugged and cavernous kuccha tracks and lonesome, wind swept planes nestled in the Himalayan foothills. It is usually perceived as a adventure activity of elites, but on contrary, even commoners are participating in Jeep Safari enthusiastically these days. Jeep Safari offers a convenient option for international and domestic adventurers to explore varied landscape of the country.
Jeep Safari Major Regions of Jeep Safari in India
Jeep Safari In Trans Himalayan Regions
Trans Himalayan Tracts are bound to attract the explorer in you to unwind the natural and man made wonders located within picturesque landscapes. You can choose any of the customized jeep safari tour packages offered by Tourism Board of India to high altitude destinations of Leh, Ladakh and Kinnaur – Spiti. Wildlife in these locations is still intact from commercialization. Be it a short jeep side tour or a longer tour in wildlife, experience of driving through the mountainous valleys along winding passes and incredible heights is unique in itself. Every adventure seeker would love to cherish every moment.
Jeep Safari in Ladakh
This high altitude lake of India is another tourist attraction which has emerged recently as a favourite among vacationers. Drive to Pangong Lake is the main highlight of the trip to to Leh. It takes around four hours to drive to Changla Pass. Whole of this area is abundant with beauty of nature tempting all to capture it in the cameras. This enchanting lake beautifully sets off the golden yellow of mountainside, painted on a canvas of crisp blue sky by mellow rays of the evening sun. Cross country jeep drive to the Pong valley is considered to be the most arduous and exhilarating.

Jeep Safari In Rajasthan
Jeep Safari in RajasthanTourists find open jeep very suitable to travel into Rajasthan, especially during winters when the winter chill and warm sunshine provide a heady combination. Jeep Safaris are the most suitable for horse safaris, in and around Udaipur, because of the rugged Mewar terrain with its forested valleys and arid hills and rocky outcrops. Small villages, tribal regions, ruins of forts and temple complexes are a treat of sort during your jungle safari. Another suitable location for jeep safari in Rajasthan is Shekhawati region with its painted towns and still unexplored long sandy desert stretches.

Best Time for Jeep Safari
You will enjoy Jeep Safari throughout the year except during unfriendly weather. Summers (April to June) in India experience scorching heat. It is advised to avoid driving in monsoon (July to September) in hilly areas.
Tips for Jeep Safari
Hiring a travel agent for Jeep safari shouldn't be confused with mere hiring of vehicles to commute between different destinations. Jeep Safari means exploring the lesser-known destinations and the countryside. It may also include the forays off the roads, though it is not advised to drive in the desert sand for obvious reasons.
It's a unique feature of Jeep safari that it's pace can be varied to suit one's need. Safari outfits send a recee team ahead for picnic lunches in customized safari trips. It sets up camps in the open. You can choose to stay in a choice of heritage hotels or guest houses or tourist lodges.

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