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Horse Safari in India
About Horse Safari
Horse Safari Horse Riding is another delightful experience which has captured the imagination of holiday makers. Horse Safari rides extend up to four or five days as well as camping en route location. You can lit a campfire under the stars, or hung large and brilliantly low in the sky in stillness of the night, or recreate the age-old charm of a ride on horse's back. If some of you like the galloping thrills, you should take up horse riding. Horse rides extend up to four to five days as well as camping en route on location. Therefore, if you want to explore the rugged and barren regions of India, horse safari would be the best option for you, as it gives you an opportunity to go to those places, where neither a motor nor a plane can reach. Horse safari is usually involved in those areas, that are some how cut out from the rest of the world. You can take the example of the Himalayas here. Most of the regions in this area are still remotely located, untouched by civilization. Horse is the best option to access these parts. The tourists also can plan to combine your horse safari with trekking and hiking trips also.
Major Regions of Horse Safari in India
Horse Safari in Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh
Horse SafariHorse safari routes can be very surprising, as some of the places provide a tranquil and pleasant walking area. You can get a chance to observe the natural world around you here. Certain safari trips cover high mountain passes and plateaus, crosses open grassy plains and follows river courses through the hills. Major horse safari destinations in India are located in the mountainous regions of Himalayas. Although you always can opt for trekking and short hiking trips within Himalayas, horse safari still offers a totally new experience if it is done in the national parks of the states of Uttaranchal and Himachal.

Horse Safari in Corbett National Park
Corbett National Park is another destination to avail numerous jungle safari packages and have an opportunity to sight animals including wild cats, crocodiles, jackal, buffalo, fox, hyena, leopard and tigers. Visitors usually miss out all this on a jeep safari trip. Tourists can also avail the chance to get an accommodation at the jungle lodges and forest rest houses providing comfortable staying options with excellent food.
Horse Safari in Rajasthan
Camel Safari India Another favourite destination for Horse Safari is Rajasthan. This adventure trip provides a more exciting variation of camel safari. Horse Safaris are generally conducted in close vicinity of Udaipur.
Hilly terrain and forested countryside are ideal for taking up the trail. Horse safari routes can be diverse but most of them pass through small villages, ruined historical edifices and temples. All of these places are ideal to halt for a bit of rest and relaxation, or lunch and a quick nap. Visitors also can enjoy the comforts of former palaces and forts in evening. There can't be any other way to explore Rajasthan.

Best Time for Horse Safari
You will enjoy Jeep Safari throughout the year except during unfriendly weather. Summers (April to June) in India experience scorching heat. It is advised to avoid driving in monsoon season (July to September) in hilly areas.
Tips for Horse Safari
» You should be well versed with at least basics such as to trot or canter through rugged areas and countrysides; to be comfortable at all paces and to be able to gallop out of trouble. Being a fit and proficient rider would work as a great advantage for you during the trip.
» Choose a horse which is particularly well-suited to local environment and safari trips.
» Take up a safari trip with professional guides and a backup of a four wheel drive vehicle.
» Keep a mental note about the terrain that you are going cover on the horse.
» Take a break from the ride after 4-7 hours and carry on taking food and water on regular intervals. Prefer wearing riding clothes and clothes of bush colours with breeches and boots.
» You should be aware of the unpredictable weather conditions of a particular region, so better carry a raincoat, riding gloves and a hat along.
» Always carry a medical kit which always comes handy in case of emergency and accident.

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